The key to VYOM’s strong foundation lies in its highly qualified, well-trained and motivated team of architects, engineers, managers and designers. Their professional expertise, technical know‐how, effective strategic development and accurate visualization acumen gives VYOM the required competitive edge in the architecture, engineering and construction domain.

The VYOM team comprises people with a passion to do their best; guided by high ethical standards, a passionate, driven and skilled team of architects, engineers, designers and managers work in tandem to produce quality design solutions. The collaborative intent is to craft design and products that reflect the integrity of a novel, and customer-oriented thought process, professional expertise, and technical knowledge.

With a diverse team of creative innovators who are flexible, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, VYOM members are team players with strong individual personalities, who work together to reach a common goal of delivering good design, with utmost quality, and at a great value.

A. K. Gupta


Baqya Siddiqui

HR / Admin

Pankaj Kumar


Abid Mohd Khan


Sapna Manaktala

Corp. Communication

Shrish Ojha

Business Development

Saif Hasan

Senior Manager - Architecture