VYOM is India’s leading architecture design practice, working across diverse typologies to craft meaningful spaces.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered out of New Delhi, VYOM ‘s design philosophy blends art and science together to shape meaningful spaces that meet the needs of comfort, leisure, work, religion, and health, while creating identities in the built form. From corporate offices, institutional, industrial, hospitality, and residential buildings to master plans of corporate setups and design of townships – VYOM has the right combination of design and technical skills, construction and project management expertise, as well as industry experience to help deliver enhanced quality, innovation, value and experiences.

With a singular focus on serving clients with integrated services, VYOM offers industry expertise and extensive experience across varied domains, in India as well as globally. Using design as a tool to craft meaningful experiences, VYOM endeavors to create a meaningful spatial experience where people are encouraged by their environment to be at their best.


“A superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions”


Strengthening the relationship between the natural and the built environment


Creating a work environment that fosters growth and the development of our biggest asset, our people.


Delivering unparalleled services to exceed client expectations and create delight.


Improving project site productivity through effective controls coupled with rapid learning and response.


Nurturing fresh ideas and encouraging innovation.


Honest and ethical conduct with complete integrity and accountability


Since 2000