Founders Message; By Ar. Sachin Sachdev

Founders Message

Mr Sachin Sachdev

In 2000, I set on this spontaneous and unplanned journey of living my passion in architecture post graduating from SPA, N Delhi. The road ahead that seemed so uncertain, offered me unparalleled experiences. Experiences that at times made life look like a sinusoidal curve, but nevertheless, were priceless enough to make me re-start the journey all over again.

What seemed to be an arduous and lonesome journey at the beginning, over the years, became so enriching and beautiful. The connects, both physical and metaphysical, that I made within myself and externally, made me a part of an existential bliss that made these 21 years seem far-far less. The 4th dimension of architecture that seemed to run away from me at a pace faster than my thought initially, became close and I think I caught up to it in the first decade of the millennium.

As VYOM grew, each team member added his knowledge to this ever-increasing resource pool and soon we were able to justify delivering architecture and engineering services in a manner that VYOM at its inception was first conceived to achieve. Sustainability became an inherent approach to design.

Awards, achievements, and recognition made us keep bettering our goals. The betterment had to ensure embracing technology, creating an organization structure that lives beyond us (just like our creations) and institutionalizing the organization while honing creativity and ensuring that individual and team creative blossoming is a continuity.

Today as I talk, you make me realize these 21 years. It makes me express our gratitude to all our clients, mentors, team members and colleagues who have been a part of this amazing journey at VYOM and who are an inherent part of the experiential learning that every one of us at VYOM live every moment.

Architecture, like all other professions in the past two decades and especially in the past decade has been subject to disruptive technological forces. Changing business environments have shown that architectural firms in India need to make collaborative efforts.

Going forward, consolidation would either see gigantic design and engineering firms who have all the financial and technological resources or boutique architectural firms.

The business has already seen category specialization within itself due to the vast expansion in the scope of learnings as architectural firms try to achieve their competitive advantage and marketability.

Some category specializations are design, sustainability, business development, project management, construction management, Value engineering, bidding, BIM Modelling, BIM 4D_5D_6D, IBMS operation managers, architectural journalists, 3D printing technologists, Architectural software creators, AR &VR experts etc.

Architectural pedagogy needs to be redefined and made current to areas of specialization for better adaptability to current market situations and changing dynamics. If this takes time, students should bridge the gap by self-learning to ensure market adaptability.

A lot of us students today, understand our niche during the undergraduate studies since we realize what interests us the most and what we are capable in achieving based on our strengths and weaknesses. This not only ensures job satisfaction but faster growth once out of college. It is imperative that students do not get jacketed with either existing job scenarios or even existing pedagogy and ensure alignment to market conditions by knowing their Why? When? Where? And how?

Our Vision , Our future

VYOM, needs to ride the ever-changing business environments, be an agile organization with a strong, rooted, and humble work culture to deliver stellar design and engineering with the best-in-class technology interface be it BIM, AR, VR etc.

Embracing change and adapting to technology will come naturally to VYOMs team due to its inherent culture for learning as the only source of growth.

We have envisioned that we would be the most sort after, truly Indian multinational in the field of architectural and engineering design services in the next five years with a 50% YOY growth and deliver stellar and unparalleled sustainable designs in their physical manifestations.