The National Police Memorial is a landmark memorial wherein the service and valour of our Police Forces, bringing peace & prosperity to the citizens, are represented by the eternal symbol of peace and hope, the Dove. The symbolism of peace and service to the Nation spreads its wings and encompasses all, reminding us of the bravery and service of the Police Forces which brings peace & prosperity. The emotion of reverence towards the martyrs is accentuated by the circumambulatory movement path that towers above the visitors.

The grand space evokes a feeling of being diminutive in the visitor in the face of the valour and sacrifice of the police forces. The Martyrs Wall is decorated with the names of those who have sacrificed their lives and it reminds the visitor of their valour and glory. The wall creates a sense of reverence and the scale reminds one of the illustriousness of that sacrifice.


Location : NEW DELHI
Client : NBCC
SITE AREA : 60 ACRES / 242300 SQM